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Owl took the kettle
out of the cupboard.
"Tonight I will make tear-water tea," he said.

He put the kettle on his lap.
"Now," said Owl,
"I will begin."
Owl sat very still.

He began to think of things that were sad.
"Chairs with broken legs,"
said Owl.
His eyes
began to water.

"Songs that cannot be sung,"
said Owl,
"because the words have been forgotten."

Owl began to cry.

A large tear
rolled down
and dropped
into the kettle.

"Spoons that have fallen
behind the stove
and are never seen again,"
said Owl.

More tears dropped down
into the kettle...


Owl at Home
Arnold Lobel

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i had a nap this afternoon and had a really bad dream.
all of my bad dreams revolve around me losing my eyesight.
i always remember nap dreams best.